Acupuncture at Greenville Natural Health

“Three years ago, I went to Greenville Natural Health for my first acupuncture treatment for help with three major problems. I was suffering from chronic and acute rhinitis from hyper sensitivity to scents and fumes and was taking three types of nasal steroids. This condition was interfering with my work. The second issue was swelling and pain in my thumbs from degenerative arthritis. The third issue was morbid obesity.

At first I had treatments every week for several months and then every two weeks for a year or so. Now I have treatments every three weeks–I could move to once a month, but I’m not ready yet because Marina has helped me so much. I am in remission with my rhinitis and not using any medications and my “allergy” attacks have gone away. My arthritis pain is completely managed by acupuncture, and I have lost around 90 pounds.

My family physician has now taken me off of my blood pressure and cholesterol medicines, which I attribute to the benefits of acupuncture. I am more active now and can exercise and my exhaustion has receded. Another amazing thing! I can now sweat again. Marina started me or iodine because of a deficiency and it has certainly helped my overall health along with the other herbs that Marina has prescribed. Thank you Marina for all you have done for me!”

– Dana in Easley


“Environmental and seasonal allergies used to be a big problem for me. This spring, I had a flare up that consisted of swelling and watering in my eyes and my right eye got really red and puffy and the skin was gross. I went to see Marina for an acupuncture treatment, and, after the treatment, she gave me dissolving homeopathic tablets to use. Within 24 hours, my eye was almost completely normal, and I am now symptom-free. Thank you!”

– Stacey in Greenville


“Marina is amazing! I have recurring pain/inflammation due to multiple breaks in my left ankle and I also have on again/off again problems with congestion/cough and some general weakness in my lungs. No matter what I need, Dr. Ponton always helps me quickly, painlessly, and inexpensively solve my problem. Her knowledge is extraordinary and I really appreciate that she always takes the time both to help me and provide whatever I need, be it acupuncture or various herbal therapies and supplements. She has also helped me better understand the relationship between how I react to and carry stress and my body’s physical needs and problems. Few medical professionals seem as caring and invested as Dr. Ponton in my health and well being. Thank you for being here in Greenville!”

– Vicy in Greenville


“I was new to acupuncture and not sure about the benefits, but not only did Marina educate me about the process, she made the experience very relaxing and within a matter of months my issue was greatly improved.”

– Mark in Greenville

“For the past 4 years, I have had both shoulders to “freeze.” This is an extremely painful condition and since I have some type of inflammatory issue, my shoulder problems have been ongoing. Surgery was performed on the first one and was a painful rehabilitation process for more than 15 months. When the second shoulder “froze” the doctor sent me to physical therapy to try and avoid surgery. The physical therapy was extremely painful and not a lot of progress was being made. A friend recommended Marina and acupuncture and my attitude was “I’ll try anything at this point.” After the first treatment, my next physical therapy appointment went much better and the therapist was amazed at how my range of motion had improved with just one treatment. After three weeks of acupuncture, it was decided that I could continue with therapy on my own.

The acupuncture treatments have continued on a monthly basis which has enabled me to avoid surgery. At this point, my range of motion has greatly improved and the pain is no longer non-stop. There have been other delightful side effects of acupuncture that have been a wonderful surprise. After 5 months of acupuncture treatments, my doctor reduced the high blood pressure medicine by 50%. Marina explained that this happens when someone is in long-term treatment. The next totally pleasant surprise was the absence of sinus issues. I’ve had sinus problems my entire life and took over the counter medications on a regular basis. Once regular acupuncture treatments became a part of my life, I realized I was no longer taking medicine for a stuffy nose and headache. I’ve recommended Marina and acupuncture to several friends who saw what a difference it had made for me that they are now patients at Greenville Natural Health.”

– Starla in Greenville


“Thank you so much for getting me back on track. I feel so much better after your treatments. I am much calmer and I have a healthy appetite again. I also have less wheezing. Greenville is so blessed to have you! Thanks Marina!”

– Anna in Greenville

“I completed my chemo treatments in March of 2011 and had accepted that I would not have the energy I had prior to my diagnosis. Then, I met Dr. Marina Ponton from Greenville Natural Health. Since taking the suggested course of vitamins, as well as the Mystique Lifestyle Patch, my energy levels are rebounding, and I am once again able to exercise. I am feeling more and more like the me before cancer, and I am so very thankful.”

– Elizabeth in Greenville