Feta Almond Salad

Serves 2



Chop onions and feta cheese, mix together and put in the middle of the salad greens.

Sautee slivered almonds in olive oil over medium heat until almonds brown. Then, add the maple syrup, and stir.

Pour oil, almond and syrup mixture onto the feta. Let sit 5 minutes.

Toss, and then add additional toppings of your choice, such as pomegranate seeds, blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, green peppers and cucumbers.

Serve immediately, and enjoy!


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  1. This definitely looks like a healthy one especially if you top it up with the fruit. The fresh greens are already in season, but here in the Northwest, the fruit is not. But there’s always dried fruit or fresh fruit from Mexico. We like dried cherries on salads. Right now we’re enjoying champagne mangoes and organic watermelon, both from Mexico. Both can go well on a salad. Believe it or not, watermelon cubes are really good on an arugula salad– you can’t taste the bitterness of the arugula when there’s that sweet cube of watermelon mingled with it.

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