B-12 Shots

What Does a Vitamin B12 Shot Do?           What is a Vitamin B12 Shot? One of the most overlooked supplements is Vitamin B12. The human body needs this vitamin in combination with other B vitamins to maintain a health nervous system and energy levels. All essential components to a happy and […]

Drink More Green Tea

green tea

  I posted on Facebook the other day about my hopeless addiction to green tea. Yes, it really is an addiction for me! I was really having a long day and was posting more because I had lost count of how many cups I had had that day. I was not posting a “yay me” […]

10 Tips to Lose Weight Faster

Shedding pounds is tough (there’s no doubt about that)–but not impossible. There are several behavioral and other little changes you can make starting today that will add up to make a big difference in your health–and your waistline. At last night’s Healthy Lifestyle Seminar, Dr. Marina presented 10 Tips to Lose Weight Faster. Were you […]