February is Heart Health Awareness Month!

As February is Heart Health Awareness month, we thought we would share one of our favorite recipes! instead of a box of chocolate, try this great healthy alternative!

Infants and Colic

Natural Remedies to Help Colicky Baby Infants and colic, this can appear to be so tricky! Little tiny babies have such sensitive systems. Colicky pain, constipation, gas pain and spit up can be among the various symptoms that your poor little wee one is suffering with. I had a difficult time with one of my […]

First steps to living a more natural healthy life, eat breakfast!

The Benefits of Eating Breakfast Everyone is talking about how to eat a healthier breakfast. But have you really thought about breakfast? I mean really thought about it? I have. The word “breakfast” comes from the notion of breaking the habitual fast of sleep. It is the first meal of the day and we have […]