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The shelves in Greenville Natural Health Center’s lobby are stocked with nutritional supplements, including many produced by Standard Process.

Have you ever wondered what the supplements are for or what makes them better than the stuff you find on the grocery store shelves?

Wanting to go straight to the source for the answers, I recently interviewed Dr. Bryan Muth, Wellness Chiropractor at Standard Process.

Dr. Muth treats nearly 150 patients a week in his chiropractic practice. What is unusual about his practice is its location. His office is in the corporate headquarters of whole food manufacturer Standard Process. Interesting, right?

Passionate about fitness and nutrition, he is also a personal trainer and part of the health and wellness team at Standard Process, which facilitates the company’s award-winning health and wellness program. The program focuses on prevention and education to empower Standard Process employees to make healthier lifestyle choices. Very cool.

As an experienced medical professional at Standard Process, as well as a self-proclaimed fitness buff and health food lover, Dr. Muth is the perfect person to give us the scoop on supplements:

GNHC: Balance is key to good health, so what role do you feel supplements should play in the average person’s life?

BM: Whole food supplements are exactly that; they should supplement what is lacking in your diet. If you eat a very clean and healthy diet full of organic fruits and vegetables and eat free-range, grass-fed meat, you should be fine. On the other hand, if you don’t eat vegetables, then you probably need to supplement for all the nutrition veggies give you. I think every person needs some sort of whole food supplement nowadays.

“If you eat a very clean and healthy diet full of organic fruits and vegetables and eat free-range, grass-fed meat, you should be fine. On the other hand, if you don’t eat vegetables, then you probably need to supplement for all the nutrition veggies give you. I think every person needs some sort of whole food supplement nowadays.”

I have a few gold standards I recommend to most people. They include a good quality multi-vitamin and trace mineral, Omega-3s and vitamin D. Some people also require a pre/probiotic for digestion or something to support their immune system. Because every person has their unique needs, I recommend they discuss their individual needs with their own health care provider.

GNHC: As a follow up, do you think it’s possible for an individual to meet every nutritional need without supplements?

Organic Supplements in Greenville, SCBM: Fifty years ago, our diets were much different and many people grew what they were going to eat. Back then we didn’t have as many of the processed, empty calorie and nutritionally lacking foods as we do now. When was the last time the average person had liver for dinner?

We are eating more and more, but we are getting less and less out of our foods. Plus, in some cases, even when people are eating vegetables, agricultural practices have stripped the soil of the much-needed nutrition they once had. That’s why we grow many ingredients used in Standard Process supplements at our certified organic farm.

GNHC: What makes Standard Process different from other brands, such as those on the shelf at the grocery store or superstore?

BM: Our product is a whole food supplement which is grown on our certified organic farm in Wisconsin. I am personally at the farm with the employees, so I know the hard work that goes into growing and maintaining the crops.

On a daily basis, I work with employees of every department in the company. I have watched as beets that have been in the field are harvested, juiced and dried, then transported a mile from the farm to our facility where they are processed, mixed/milled, tableted/pressed, then packaged and shipped out to our customers.

Standard Process's organic farm in Wisconsin
Standard Process’s organic farm in Wisconsin

We have several internal/external audits, and quality and control checks, and we follow all good manufacturing practices (GMP) guidelines established by the FDA for dietary supplements. Each tablet is checked up to six times before it leaves the factory. It is amazing when you see one supplement go from “seed to supplement.” Standard Process is truly as superior product. I’d recommend you come see the fields in May or June.

GNHC: I’d love to visit someday!

GNHC: If you had to recommend one of your products, which one would you pick and why?

Standard Process Daily Fundamentals convenience packsBM: With so many great products, it would be hard to choose one. That being said, it is the time of the year when I leave the office for continuing education and seminars, so I am on the road a lot. Recently Standard Process introduced SP Complete single convenience packs. SP Complete is part of our Purification Program, but I like to use it for a daily shake for a snack or between meals.

On the go I add one pack of SP Complete and 8oz of water in a shaker mug and I’m set. If you require more protein, like me, add one SP Complete packet and one Whey Pro Complete packet with 10-12oz of water. This makes a great shake for pre/post workout or between meals packed with 25g of protein!

GNHC: Winter can be a tough time for many people health-wise. So what can we do to stay well when the weather turns cold?

BM: There are several whole food supplements that can help support your immune system for the cold season. Vitamin D is always a good place to start, and research shows garlic can also support your immune system. Standard Process has a few products that are my gold standard for my patients during the cold/flu season:

All three–Epimune, Andrographis Complex and Herbal Throat Spray–are from vegetarian sources and gluten free.

GNHC: It’s always fun to see what the professionals do at home! We’d love to know: What does your diet and supplement regimen look like?

BM: My diet can vary during the year to help me achieve my personal goals.

Here is my current typical diet at around 2,700 calories:

Dr. Bryan Muth, Wellness Chiropractor at Standard Process[Dr. Bryan Muth]
  • Upon Waking: 20g Whey Protein and Standard Process Glucosamine/ Chondrotion/Ginger Powder Combo Product mixed with unsweetened almond milk
  • Breakfast: Three whole eggs, three egg whites, green bell pepper, 1 cup cooked plain oatmeal
  • A.M. Snack: Standard Process StandardBar for protein
  • Lunch: One hard-boiled egg, 6-8 oz. plain chicken breast, 2.5 servings of cooked frozen veggies, one cup cooked brown rice
  • P.M. Snack: One serving raw almonds, one cup low-fat cottage cheese
  • Dinner: Ground turkey, brown rice, spaghetti sauce (My version of a healthier “spaghetti”)
  • Night Snack: 1 serving peanut butter, plain Greek yogurt, frozen berries
  • Pre Workout: 20g Whey Protein
  • Post Workout: 20g Whey Protein, 20g Casein protein, L-Glutamine, branch chain amino acids, and Barlean’s Flaxseed Oil mixed with water
  • Standard Process and MediHerb Supplements: Catalyn – multi vitamin, Trace Minerals B12 – minerals, Cataplex D – vitamin D, Tuna Omega-3 – fish oil, Ligaplex II – chronic ligament support, Boswellia Complex – anti inflammatory, Gotu Kola Complex – supports tissue repair, Cellular Vitality – B vitamin and CoQ10, Vitanox – anti oxidant and Whey Pro Complete – protein

About Dr. Bryan Muth

Dr. Muth is a 2008 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic-Florida and joined the staff of Standard Process in 2009. Hired as a full-time chiropractor, his primary responsibility is to provide chiropractic adjustments and nutritional counseling for Standard Process’s nearly 300 employees.

In addition to his Wisconsin chiropractic license, Muth holds several credentials, including certified chiropractic sports physician, certified strength and conditioning specialist, certified chiropractic extremity practitioner and certified kinesio taping practitioner. He lives in Whitewater, Wis., with his wife and son.

About Standard Process

Standard Process, headquartered in Palmyra, Wis., is a unique company: It’s involved in every step of production, and the company grows crops on company-owned, organically-certified farmland. For more than 80 years, Standard Process has provided high-quality, whole food nutritional supplements through health care professionals. The company offers more than 300 products through three product lines: Standard Process whole food supplements, Standard Process Veterinary Formulas and MediHerb herbal supplements.

Where to Find Standard Process products

You can find a large selection of Standard Process products at Greenville Natural Health Center. Learn about Greenville Natural Health Center’s nutritional therapy and herbs services.

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  1. I had the best time visiting the farm and the factory this summer! I learned so much from Standard Process!!! What a great company. I have to say that I really love the supplement combo for endurance athletes. It really helps me to recover quickly and get ready for my next run, bike and/or swim!

  2. I think it’s always best to get nutrients and vitamins from foods when possible. But if you do need to take supplements its important to make sure they are from whole foods like Standard Products and not synthetic, or extracted. Whole food supplements have better bio-availability and they aren’t filled with preservatives, colors etc.

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