Infants and Colic

Natural Remedies to Help Colicky Baby Infants and colic, this can appear to be so tricky! Little tiny babies have such sensitive systems. Colicky pain, constipation, gas pain and spit up can be among the various symptoms that your poor little wee one is suffering with. I had a difficult time with one of my […]


Did you know that in the month of March, people all over the globe are talking about endometriosis? It’s all about awareness! There are millions upon millions of women who suffer with a “difficult period” in virtual silence. Many of these women have endometriosis. Endometriosis can have a devastating effect on women’s lives with pain […]

Reset that body clock and sleep better

Do you want to sleep better? Sleep disorders are becoming epidemic. I am sure that many of you have either experienced or know someone close to you that has experienced difficulty with sleeping. Many things can be a factor. Simple things like traveling, shift work, parents with young children or even just worrying! All kinds […]

B-12 Shots

What Does a Vitamin B12 Shot Do?           What is a Vitamin B12 Shot? One of the most overlooked supplements is Vitamin B12. The human body needs this vitamin in combination with other B vitamins to maintain a health nervous system and energy levels. All essential components to a happy and […]