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Introducing our new service – EMDR!

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Greenville Natural Health is happy to announce that we are introducing a new service! Chris Henrie will be providing psychotherapy services specializing in EMDR. We believe that health is achieved when a person has well rounded approach to health and wellness. Health and a vibrant life is achieved with a balance of […]

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What is Biopuncture?

What is Biopuncture? I get that question frequently. Many people don’t seem to know about this hidden treasure for pain relief and really a multitude of many uncomfortable symptoms. A syringe full of a simple more natural substance may not sound like a cutting-edge medical technique, but a growing number of doctors say biopuncture can […]

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Infants and Colic

Infants and colic, this can appear to be so tricky! Little tiny babies have such sensitive systems. Colicky pain, constipation, gas pain and spit up can be among the various symptoms that your poor little wee one is suffering with. I had a difficult time with one of my girls with constipation, gas pains and […]

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