On On Tri’s Alfred Olivetti Gives Tips for New Runners and Cyclists

  Greenville resident Alfred Olivetti is committed to fitness. Really, really committed. His race history includes 4 ironmans, 10 marathons (2 Bostons) and countless triathlons. Alfred began his triathlon career in 1996 while earning a doctoral degree at West Virginia University. And that was it. He was hooked. After graduation, he opened 2 triathlon stores in […]

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Achieve Optimum Health with Supplements: Insights from Standard Process’s Dr. Bryan Muth

The shelves in Greenville Natural Health Center’s lobby are stocked with nutritional supplements, including many produced by Standard Process. Have you ever wondered what the supplements are for or what makes them better than the stuff you find on the grocery store shelves? Wanting to go straight to the source for the answers, I recently interviewed […]

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Holiday Detox with Fig-Sesame Jam

Pin It Holiday Stress Parties, family gatherings and travel make the holiday season special. However, these events also present opportunities for stress and overeating, which can lead to an accumulation of toxins that weigh us down mentally and physically. According to traditional Chinese medicine, common signs of toxin buildup include constipation, poor digestion, and a […]

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Fire Cupping is Red HOT in Alternative Medicine

  Fire cupping has been used for more than 2,000 years as a form of acupuncture. Glass cups are warmed with fire and then placed on acupuncture points on the skin, creating suction. The suction encourages blood flow, which relieves pain and draws out toxins. Intrigued?   Check out a video of our esthetician, Lindsey […]

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